Epoxyset Inc. is a leading formulator and manufacturer of engineered epoxy, urethane, UV cure, and silicone systems.

Since being founded in 1997 by chemist Kiran K. Patel, Epoxyset focused on innovative product development, consistent manufacturing, strict quality standards, and superior customer service. Our epoxy adhesives, potting and encapsulating compounds, coatings, and custom formulated products are widely used in the electronic, medical, semiconductor, fiber-optics, automotive, and aerospace industries.

In addition to a standard product designed to meet a majority of demanding applications, Epoxyset specializes in custom epoxy formulations working closely with our customers to design and manufacture a product that meets all its specifications.

Providing consistent quality products with unparalleled customer service are our top priorities. We offer superior and confidential technical support to our clients. Rely upon our experienced chemists and engineers to assist you in finding solutions to any of your existing materials problems or demanding applications.