Epoxy Adhesives

There are many types of glues and adhesives to fix broken things. Using the right type is important for the repair to last. With a little research, one can find the correct glue to put something broken back together. Epoxy is a strong adhesive used for heavy-duty repairs.

Types of Epoxy Adhesive

Epoxy is an industrial strength adhesive used to bond or seal various substrates. It is useful for repairing and bonding metals, glass, stone and other types of material. There are specific epoxy adhesives for plastics, ceramics, fiberglass, etc. Each type is formulated to create high bond strengths to a wide variety of substrates. Each formula has specific steps to apply and cure. Always check the package directions to be sure the epoxy is the correct formulation for your projects.

The Science of Epoxy Adhesives

To bond correctly to different types of surfaces, epoxy adhesives are formulated specifically to bond the surface. Many require mixing two parts together to activate the adhesive. Some epoxy formulas must be applied quickly while others have much more time. All epoxies need to be allowed time to cure and create the bond. Once hardened and cured, the epoxy has achieved its strength.

Is Adhesive Epoxy Waterproof?

Most epoxy adhesives have excellent resistance to moisture and water. Some epoxies can weaken when exposed to water however it is not usually catastrophic. It is important to check the label for proper storage and consult Epoxyset for the best product for your application.

Proper use of Epoxy?

Some formulas of epoxy contain two or more parts to mix to activate the adhesive power. When the parts are mixed, the bonding process activates and is recommended to use right away to maximize work life. Proper parts of each additive are mixed. If the parts are not mixed correctly, the epoxy may not perform as expected. Some two-part adhesive and all single component epoxies need to cure at higher temperatures.
Always read label directions and indications to ensure using the correct bonding agent for projects and repairs. Follow all safety suggestions as these chemicals and their reactions may be toxic.

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