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Advanced Adhesive Technology

Our extensive line of epoxy, polyurethane, and silicone adhesives are widely used in the aerospace, medical, automotive, electronics, electronics packaging, and other original equipment manufacturer (OEM) markets. Epoxyset adhesives are specifically formulated for demanding application where maximum bond strength is needed for optimal performance. Our wide selection of adhesives will meet the rigorous challenges of bonding applications including bonding low energy surface materials, CTE mismatch, shock and vibration, high temperature, and even cryogenic temperatures. All our adhesives are available in bulk packaging or premixed and frozen syringes. All of our industrial adhesives are available in 2 part kits, premixed and frozen, and various size dual cartridges.

Thermally Conductive Adhesives

Thermally Conductive Epoxy Adhesive

Epoxyset is a leader in formulating and manufacturing thermally conductive epoxy adhesives. Our line of products range in physical characteristics to provide options to serve a wide range of applications. Our one and two component thermally conductive epoxy adhesives are used extensively in aerospace, electronic, semiconductor and medical industries. Important properties of these adhesives include excellent electrical insulation, chemical resistance, Halogen Free, vibration and impact resistance, and high bond strength to a variety of substrates. Thermally conductive formulations are used for bonding, potting and encapsulation applications in a wide variety of industries. Some specific applications include heat sink bonding, potting/encapsulating sensors, BGA die attach, semiconductors, chip packaging..

Optically Clear Adhesives

Optically Clear Adhesives

Epoxyset’s optical adhesives are used for bonding and coatings in various fiber optic applications. These adhesives are frequently used to bundle optical fibers and bond components in optoelectronic devices used for telecommunication networks, aircraft, and satellites, medical and scientific instruments. Our products are specifically designed for non-yellowing and UV light resistance.

One Component Epoxy Adhesives

One Component Epoxy Adhesives

Epoxyset offers a wide range of one component epoxy adhesives. With many of them tested and approved for RoHS, REACH, and Halogen Free, they are fully qualified for use in the electronic assembly, medical, aerospace, and automotive industries. Our one component epoxies range from low viscosity to non-sag pastes and include flame retardant and thermally conductive epoxies as well.


What is Medical Grade Epoxy?

Medical grade epoxy is used in a variety of application is medical device assembly. Many of our medical adhesives are tested for biocompatibility to ensure safety for human contact. Medical devices that use medical epoxies include MRI machines, cardiac catheters, medical probes, and ultrasounds. Adhesives are universally used for bonding cannulae to hubs in needle assemblies. It is critical that this joint is well sealed to prevent fluids, such as blood or medicine, from leaking. For these applications, one-part heat cure epoxy adhesives are the lowest cost options with the best chemical resistance. Other types of adhesives include light cure acrylates and cyanoacrylates. Many of Epoxyset medical epoxy systems are USP Class VI certified for biocompatibility.

Industrial Adhesives

Epoxy Adhesives: Dual Cartridge Systems

We offer a comprehensive line of multifunctional resin systems that can bond, form composites, seal and isolate over a wide range of substrates. High performance and cost effective, these systems are engineered to deliver strength, durability, chemical resistance, and efficiency to your product. Our line offers the user a variety of physical and electrical properties that allow matching an adhesive with specific application parameters. Our structural adhesives are formulated to withstand severe impact and peel forces, while offering excellent chemical and temperature resistance. They improve product performance and aesthetics while reducing assembly time and cost. Epoxyset industrial adhesives are all available in easy to use cartridge systems.

High Temperature

High Temperature Adhesives

Epoxyset’s high temperature adhesives are designed for applications in electronics/microelectronics, medical, aerospace, automotive and other industries. They cure fast at moderately elevated temperatures. The cured systems provide excellent bond to metals such as ferrite and beryllium and retain the bond strength even at higher temperatures.The fully cured products have excellent dielectric properties, and very good thermal shock & impact resistance. They also have good resistance to weather, water, most petroleum products, mild acids & alkalis, and many other chemicals.

Electronic Assembly

Semiconductor & Electronic Assembly Adhesives

Epoxyset manufactures a wide range of products designed specifically for use electronic assembly. We supply materials for use in dam & fill, glob top, die attach, underfills etc. Our products are tested and proven to work for numerous applications and range in properties such as viscosity, conductivity, and cure times to fulfill a wide range of specifications. Below are some of our featured products but not our entire product line. Contact Epoxyset for more options and details.

Electrically Conductive Epoxy

Silver filled Epoxy Adhesives

Need a die attach adhesive? Silver filled epoxy is used as a die attach for electronic components and to help make electrical connections possible when soldering is not an option. While there are many types on the market, our silver filled epoxy adhesive are all silver filled. Silver filled epoxies have unique qualities in relation to carbon or graphite. It is highly conductive and maintains structural integrity and durability. For easy processing, many will cure at room temperature with excellent strength. Also, silver has extremely high conductivity and our formulations are meant to maximize this property.

Automotive Adhesives

Automotive Adhesives

Highly engineered and advanced adhesives, sealants, coatings and potting &encapsulation compounds are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the automotive industry. These products feature superior resistance to vibrational shock, impact, and abrasion as well as many harsh chemicals. Our products are used for structural applications, heat dissipation, and in various uses in the ECU.


Aerospace Adhesives

Epoxyset compounds are employed in a wide range of applications within the aerospace industry. Epoxyset has a wide range of products for the aerospace industry ranging from 5 minute epoxies to highly engineered, extremely low expansion adhesives. Epoxyset products are used in flight control instruments, optical fiber systems, EMI and RFI shielding, aircraft carrier coatings, and microelectronic applications. Epoxyset aerospace adhesives meet NASA outgassing requirements and most are available as premixed and frozen adhesives.

Item #ColorSpecific GravityService TemperatureThermal ConductivtityVolume ResistivityData Sheet
Clear1.12-55°C to 200°CNA2 x 10^16download
Black2.1-55°C to 260°C1.86.0 x 10^15download
Clear Amber1.20-55°C to 250°CNA>10^15download
Amber1.18-55°C to 230°CNA>10^14download
Clear/ Amber1.18-55°C to 250°CNA>10^15download
Black1.5-55°C to 220°C0.45>10^15download
Black1.56-55°C to 220°C0.906.0 x 10^15download
Silver3.6-55°C to 200°C2.00.0004download
Silver3.50-55°C to 250°C1.8<0.0003download
Silver3.90-55°C to 200°C4.2<0.0003download
Silver3.90-55°C to 200°C2.0<0.0004download
Clear Amber1.2-55°C to 250°CNA>1.0 x 10^13download
Black2.1-55°C to 260°C1.86.0 x 10^15download
Black1.76-55°C to 230°C0.52 x 10^15download
Clear1.18-55°C to 230°CNA8 x 10^15download
Amber1.18-55°C to 230°CNA8 x 10^15download
Beige or Black1.8-55°C to 230°C0.62.0 x 10^15download
Black2.10-55°C to 250°C1.86.0 x10^15download
Grey1.9-55°C to 250°C1.06.0 x 10^15download
Black2.1-55°C to 230°C1.46.0 x 10^15download
Black2.1-55°C to 230°C1.46.0 x 10^15download
Black2.1-55°C to 260°C1.8> 10^15download
Grey2.1-55°C to 230°C2.41.0 x 10^13download
Grey2.1-55°C to 230°C2.4>10^15download
Grey2.1-55°C to 230°C2.41.0 x 10^15download
Clear Amber1.10-55°C to 110°CNA>10^13download
Clear Amber1.1-55°C to 150°CNA>10^15download
Clear Amber1.2-55°C to 250°CNA>10^15download
Clear/ Amber1.18-55°C to 250°CNA>10^15download
Clear1.16-55°C to 120°CNA>10^14download
Clear1.1-55°C to 200°CNA>10^14download
Clear1.1-55°C to 200°CNA>10^13download
Clear1.16-55°C to 125°CNA>10^14download
Grey2.1-55°C to 230°C2.4>1x1015download
Clear1.16-55°C to 125°CNA>10^14download
Clear1.1-55°C to 200°CNA>10^14download
Clear1.12-55°C to 200°CNA2.0 x 10^16download
Amber1.18-55°C to 230°CNA>1014download
Clear1.16-55°C to 120°CNA>10^14download
Clear1.10-55°C to 125°CNA>10^13download
Clear Amber1.10-55°C to 110°CNA>10^13download
Clear1.1-55°C to 125°CNA1.0 x 10^13download
Clear1.10-55°C to 120°CNA>10^11download
Black1.35-55°C to 150°C0.35>10^13download
Black2.1-55°C to 230°C1.46 x 10^15download
Gray1.40-55°C to 230°C1.5>10^13download
White1.18-40°C to 100°CNA>10^15download
Black1.18-40°C to 100°CNA>10^15download
Clear1.18-55°C to 120°CNA1.0 x 10^15download
Clear1.18-55°C to 230°CNA>10^14download
Off-White1.72-55°C to 120°C0.510^15download
Beige or Black1.8-55°C to 230°C0.6>10^15download
Green1.86-55°C to 120°C0.6>10^15download
Black1.76-55°C to 230°C0.5>10^15download
White1.18-40°C to 100°CNA>10^15download
Black1.18-40°C to 100°CNA>10^15download
Black1.56-55°C to 220°C0.46x1015download
Black1.6-55°C to 150°C0.5>1015download
Black2.10-55°C to 230°C1.46x1015download
Black1.82-55°C to 200°C0.8>1015download
Black1.82-55°C to 200°C0.8>1015download
Black1.82-55°C to 200°C0.42 x 10^15download
Black1.82-55°C to 200°C0.42 x 10^15download
Black1.5-55°C to 175°C0.45>1015download
Black1.76-55°C to 200°C0.32 x 10^15download
Beige/Amber1.8-55°C to 200°C0.32 x 10^15download
Black1.5-55°C to 220°C0.45>1015download
Black2.10-55°C to 250°C1.86x1015download
Grey1.9-55°C to 250°C1.06x1015download
White/Amber1.45-55°C to 200°C1.06x1015download
Silver3.90-55°C to 200°C2.0<0.0004download
Silver3.90-55°C to 200°C4.2<0.0003download
Silver3.50-55°C to 250°C1.8<0.0003download
Silver3.00-55°C to 150°C2.2<0.0004download
Silver2.90-55°C to 150°C2.0<0.0008download
Silver2.70-55°C to 200°C2.5<0.0004download
Silver2.40-55°C to 150°C1.50.002download
Silver3.20-55°C to 120°C2.00.002download
Silver3.60-55°C to 200°C2.00.0004download
Silver3.50-65°C to 200°C2.0<0.0004download
Silver3.20-55°C to 200°C2.0<0.0002download
Black2.1-55°C to 150°C3.23.0 x 10^14download
Grey2.1-55°C to 130°C1.7> 10^14download
Black2.3-55°C to 130°C1.44>10^14download
Grey1.7-55°C to 150°C1.1>10^14download
Black1.5-55°C to 175°C0.4>10^15download
Black1.55-55°C to 220°C0.8>10^15download
Black2.1-55°C to 220°C1.86.0 x 10^15download
Black1.5-55°C to 220°C0.61.0 x 10^15download
Black2.1-55°C to 260°C1.8>10^15download
Grey2.1-55°C to 230°C2.4>1x1015download
Clear1.1-55°C to 200°CNA>10^13download
Clear1.16-55°C to 90°CNA>10^14download
Clear/ Amber1.18-55°C to 250°CNA1.0 x 10^15download
Clear1.1-55°C to 125°CNA>10^14download
Clear Amber1.2-55°C to 250°CNA>1015download
Clear1.1-55°C to 90°CNA>10^15download
Clear1.1-55°C to 125°CNA>10^15download
Grey1.6-55°C to 160°C0.93.0 x 10^15download
Black1.35-55°C to 150°C0.35>10^13download
Black/White1.14-55°C to 120°C0.1>10^15download
Clear Amber1.1-55°C to 150°CNA2.0 x 10^16download
Off-White1.14-55°C to 120°C0.1>10^13download
Silver2.7-55°C to 150°C1.6<0.0006download