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Silver-Filled Epoxy Adhesives

Need a die attach adhesive? Silver-filled epoxy is used as a die attach for electronic components and to help make electrical connections possible when soldering is not an option. While there are many types on the market, our silver-filled epoxy adhesive are all silver-filled. Silver-filled epoxies have unique qualities in relation to carbon or graphite. It is highly conductive and maintains structural integrity and durability. For easy processing, many will cure at room temperature with excellent strength. Also, silver has extremely high conductivity, and our formulations are meant to maximize this property.

Item #ColorSpecific GravityService TemperatureThermal ConductivityVolume ResistivityData Sheet
Silver3.50-55°C to 250°C1.8<0.0003 download
Silver3.90-55°C to 200°C2.0<0.0004 download
Silver3.90-55°C to 200°C4.2<0.0003 download
Silver3.00-55°C to 150°C2.2<0.0004 download
Silver2.90-55°C to 150°C2.0<0.0008 download
Silver2.70-55°C to 200°C2.5<0.0004 download
Silver2.40-55°C to 150°C1.50.002 download
Silver3.20-55°C to 120°C2.00.002 download
Silver3.60-55°C to 200°C2.00.0004 download
Silver3.50-65°C to 200°C2.0<0.0004 download
Silver3.20-55°C to 200°C2.0<0.0002 download
Silver2.7-55°C to 150°C1.6<0.0006 download