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High-Temperature Adhesives

Epoxyset’s high-temperature adhesives are designed for applications in electronics/microelectronics, medical, aerospace, automotive and other industries. They cure fast at moderately elevated temperatures. The cured systems provide an excellent bond to metals such as ferrite and beryllium and retain the bond strength even at higher temperatures.The fully cured products have excellent dielectric properties, and very good thermal shock & impact resistance. They also have good resistance to weather, water, most petroleum products, mild acids & alkalis, and many other chemicals.

Item #ColorSpecific GravityService TemperatureThermal ConductivityVolume ResistivityData Sheet
Clear1.12-55°C to 200°CNA2 x 10^16 download
Clear Amber1.2-55°C to 250°CNA>1.0 x 10^13 download
Black2.1-55°C to 260°C1.86.0 x 10^15 download
Black1.76-55°C to 230°C0.52 x 10^15 download
Clear1.18-55°C to 230°CNA8 x 10^15 download
Amber1.18-55°C to 230°CNA8 x 10^15 download
Beige or Black1.8-55°C to 230°C0.62.0 x 10^15 download
Grey2.1-55°C to 230°C2.41.0 x 10^13 download
Black1.5-55°C to 220°C0.61.0 x 10^15 download
Clear/ Amber1.18-55°C to 250°CNA1.0 x 10^15 download