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Epoxy Adhesives: Dual Cartridge Systems

We offer a comprehensive line of multifunctional epoxy resin systems that can bond, form composites, seal and isolate a wide range of substrates.

High performance and cost-effective, these systems are engineered to deliver strength, durability, chemical resistance, and efficiency to your product. Our line offers the user a variety of physical and electrical properties that allow matching an adhesive with specific application parameters. Our structural epoxy adhesives are formulated to withstand severe impact and peel forces while offering excellent chemical and temperature resistance. They improve product performance and aesthetics while reducing assembly time and cost.

Epoxyset industrial adhesives are all available in easy to use cartridge systems.

Item #ColorSpecific GravityService TemperatureThermal ConductivityVolume ResistivityData Sheet
Clear Amber1.10-55°C to 110°CNA>10^13 download
Clear Amber1.1-55°C to 150°CNA>10^15 download
Off-White1.14-55°C to 120°C0.1>10^13 download
Clear1.1-55°C to 90°CNA>10^15 download
Clear1.1-55°C to 125°CNA>10^15 download
Grey1.6-55°C to 160°C0.93.0 x 10^15 download
Black1.35-55°C to 150°C0.35>10^13 DOWNLOAD
Black/White1.14-55°C to 120°C0.1>10^15 download