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One-Component Epoxy Adhesives

Epoxyset offers a wide range of one-component epoxy adhesives. With many of them tested and approved for RoHS, REACH, and Halogen Free, they are fully qualified for use in the electronic assembly, medical, aerospace, and automotive industries. Our one-component epoxies range from low viscosity to non-sag pastes and include flame retardant and thermally conductive epoxies as well.

Item #ColorSpecific GravityService TemperatureThermal ConductivityVolume ResistivityData Sheet
Black2.1-55°C to 260°C1.86.0 x 10^15 download
Black1.5-55°C to 220°C0.45>10^15 download
Black1.56-55°C to 220°C0.906.0 x 10^15 download
Black2.1-55°C to 230°C1.46.0 x 10^15 download
Grey2.1-55°C to 230°C2.4>10^15 download
Black1.5-55°C to 175°C0.4>10^15 download
Black1.55-55°C to 220°C0.8>10^15 download
Black2.1-55°C to 220°C1.86.0 x 10^15 download