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Epoxyset offers a variety of flame retardant potting and encapsulating compounds including epoxies, urethanes, and silicones. All of our flame retardant potting compounds bromine free, halogen free, and RoHS and REACH compliant. Several have undergone stringent 3rd party testing and are listed as UL-94V0 approved.

Item #Mix Ratio by WeightMixed Viscosity @RT(cps)Pot Life @25°C
(100 gram)
Recommended CureHardness(Shore)Service TemperatureData Sheet
100/100800-15001-2 hrs60 min @ 100°CA-55-55°C to 205°C download
100/1001000-1500>8 hrs45 min @ 100°CA-55-55°C to 205°C download
16/1001500-300060-90 min5-7 days @ 25°CA-86-55°C to 130°C download
100/123000-50002 hrs2 hrs @ 100°CD-85-55°C to 120°C download
100/1009000-120002 hrs5-7 days @ 25°CD-76-55°C to 110°C download
100/1020,000-30,0008-Jun2 hrs @ 80°C + 1 hr @ 125°CD-93-55°C to 200°C download