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Epoxyset offers a variety of flame-retardant potting and encapsulating compounds including epoxies, urethanes, and silicones. All of our flame retardant potting compounds bromine free, halogen-free, and RoHS and REACH compliant. Several have undergone stringent 3rd party testing and are listed as UL-94V0 approved.

Item #Mix Ratio by WeightMixed Viscosity @RT(cps)Pot Life @25°C
(100 gram)
Recommended CureHardness(Shore)Service TemperatureData Sheet
100/100800-15001-2 hrs60 min @ 100°CA-55-55°C to 205°C download
100/1001000-1500>8 hrs45 min @ 100°CA-55-55°C to 205°C download
16/1001500-300060-90 min5-7 days @ 25°CA-86-55°C to 130°C download
100/123000-50002 hrs2 hrs @ 100°CD-85-55°C to 120°C download
100/1009000-120002 hrs5-7 days @ 25°CD-76-55°C to 110°C download
100/1020,000-30,0008-Jun2 hrs @ 80°C + 1 hr @ 125°CD-93-55°C to 200°C download