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Epoxyset offers a wide range of one-component epoxy potting and encapsulating compounds. With many of them tested and approved for RoHS, REACH, and Halogen Free, they are fully qualified for use in the electronic assembly, medical, aerospace, and automotive industries. Our one component epoxies are meant to encapsulate small electronic components and for encapsulation on microelectronic assembly.

Item #Mix Ratio by WeightMixed Viscosity @RT(cps)Pot Life @25°C
(100 gram)
Recommended CureHardness(Shore)Service TemperatureData Sheet
180,000 - 250,000>3 months2 hrs @ 125°CD-91-55°C to 260°C download
25,000 - 35,000>3 months2 hrs @ 125°CD-91-55°C to 175°C download
55,000 - 65,0003 months1 hr @ 100°C + 1hr @ 150°CD-91-55°C to 220°C download
15,000 - 20,000>3 months2 hrs @ 125°CD-91-55°C to 175°C download
2500 - 5000>3 months2 hrs @ 125°CD-91-55°C to 130°C download