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Epoxyset’s silicone potting and encapsulating compounds are formulated for the demanding high-performance requirements of the electrical and electronic industries for such applications as the potting of electronic ballasts, capacitors, power supplies, relays and other devices with high heat dissipation requirements. Many of our silicone potting compounds are UL approved for flame retardant properties and can withstand temperatures of over 200°C.

Item #Mix Ratio by WeightMixed Viscosity @RT(cps)Pot Life @25°C
(100 gram)
Recommended CureHardness(Shore)Service TemperatureData Sheet
100/100800-15001-2 hrs60 min @ 100°CA-55-55°C to 205°C download
100/1001000-1500>8 hrs45 min @ 100°CA-55-55°C to 205°C download
100/100300-40020-30 min24 hrs @ 25°CA-23-55°C to 200°C download
100/1.530,000 - 40,0002 hrs24 hrs @ 25°CA-65-55°C to 210°C download
100/54000-600030-60 min24 hrs @ 25°CA-70-55°C to 250°C download
100/1003000-4000>8 hrs60 min @ 100°CA-55-55°C to 205°C download
100/1006000-80001-2 hrs30 min @ 125°CA-62-55°C to 200°C download
100/1003500-45002-3 hrs30 min @ 150°CA-45-55°C to 255°C download