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Urethane potting and encapsulating compounds offer advantages when needing to cure at lower temperatures and/or quickly compared to epoxy systems. Urethanes offer better flexibility and crack resistance as well as better adhesion to certain substrates such as many plastics and composites. Many urethane products Epoxyset offers use renewable raw materials making it less harmful to the end user. It is ideal for electronic applications, surface mount technology, and when thermal cycling resistance is a requirement. Epoxyset urethane potting materials have low CTE rates ensuring flexibility at even extremely low temperatures.

Item #Mix Ratio by WeightMixed Viscosity @RT(cps)Pot Life @25°C
(100 gram)
Recommended CureHardness(Shore)Service TemperatureData Sheet
16/1001500-300060-90 min5-7 days @ 25°CA-86-55°C to 130°C download
25/1002000-400020-30 min5-7 days @ 25°CD-50-55°C to 110°C download
8/1005000-800030-60 min24 hrs @ 25°C + 2 hrs @ 80°CA-70-55°C to 110°C download
45/100400-80030-60 min2 hrs @ 80°CA-70-55°C to 120°C download
44/1004000-600020-30 min4-6 hrs @ 80°CA-70-55°C to 110°C download
15/1004000-80008-12 min24 hrs @ 25°CA-88-55°C to 110°C download