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Non-Silicone Thermal Grease

Epoxyset TG series are unique synthetic thermal greases engineered to provide low bleed and oil migration to prevent component contamination associated with silicone greases. They offer superior thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance with long-term stability.Typical applications include CPU to Heat sink, Transistors, Diodes, IGBTs, Rectifiers, TEC modules, Telecommunication hardware, Thermistors, RTD and Thermocouple wells.

Item #ColorSpecific GravityService TemperatureThermal ConductivtityVolume ResistivityData Sheet
White2.4-50°C to 200°C1.21.8 x 10^15download
Gray2.2-50°C to 200°C3.21.0 x 10^12download
Black1.7-50°C to 200°C3.71.0 x 10^12download
Gray2.3-50°C to 200°C2.71.8 x 10^14download
White2.4-50°C to 200°C2.01.0 x 10^14download
White2.4-50°C to 200°C0.81.0 x 10^14download