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Epoxyset STG series are silicone based thermal greases engineered with special binding agents to reduce bleed and oil separation. Why choose Epoxyset silicone greases? Our silicone greases have a flowable matrix filling micro gaps and reduces contact resistance. Epoxyset silicone greases are also easy to apply via cartridge, syringe, or by hand and are easily re-workable. Our greases have cost advantages over other products such as pads, and pre-forms while performing and withstanding heat better than organic greases.

Item #ColorSpecific GravityService TemperatureThermal ConductivtityVolume ResistivityData Sheet
Gray2.2-50°C to 200°C2.32.6 x 1014download
Black1.7-50°C to 200°C3.75.8 x 1014download
White2.5-50°C to 200°C2.02.2 x 1014download
White2.2-50°C to 200°C0.82.6 x 1014download