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Epoxyset offers a full range of thermally conductive epoxy adhesives for the semiconductor, optoelectronic, automotive, aerospace, medical and electronic assembly industries. Our wide range product line allows engineers to select material with the best combinations of physical, electrical and thermal characteristics. Our products provide, very good electrical stability, low out-gassing, variable work life, and fast cure.

Item #ColorSpecific GravityService TemperatureThermal ConductivityVolume ResistivityData Sheet
Grey1.7-55°C to 150°C1.1>1014 download
Black2.3-55°C to 130°C1.44>1014 download
Grey2.1-55°C to 130°C1.7>1014 download
Black2.1-55°C to 260°C1.8>1015 download
Black2.1-55°C to 150°C1.63x1014 download
Grey2.1-55°C to 230°C2.4>1x1015 download
Grey1.9-55°C to 250°C1.06x1015 download
Black2.1-55°C to 250°C1.86x1015 download
Black2.1-55°C to 230°C1.46x1015 download